Protecting our environment.

Respect for the environment is a commitment that we make at Grizzli Winery, every day.

Every year, millions of bottles end up in dumpsters and landfills.

We are working to put an end to this loss of valuable resources, and to continue to recycle and reuse where possible.

Grizzli’s Recycling Program

Grizzli is accepting the returns of wine bottles through Grizzli’s Recycling Program.

As a thanks to you, Grizzli will provide a 10% off same day wine purchases with a minimum of three Grizzli or other winery wine bottles received.

Accepted Recycling Materials:

1. Wine Bottles

2. Aluminum Capsules/Screw Tops

3. Natural Corks.

Other Environmental Initiatives

• Grizzli practices the recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard, glass

• We convert grape pomace and lees (byproducts of winemaking), into compost for use in our vineyards and landscaping

• Energy efficient building – all lights in the winery, courtyard building, and production area are LED

• Environmentally preferred purchasing – recycled plastic bags, cardboard boxes, waste reduction mentality.

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