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White Wine

Our skilled and passionate winemaking team strives to put Grizzli on the map of New World Wines. Our collection of white wines is made up of various varietals, each of which offers distinctive aromas and flavours.

Red Wine

The soil of the Okanagan Valley is high in mineral content, which adds in-depth characters to the fruits grown in the region. From fermentation to aging, each variety and vintage is treated differently per our proprietor’s creativity.


The Okanagan Valley provides the ideal conditions for icewine grapes, creating distinctive flavours on the nose and palate. Grizzli Winery icewines are hand harvested at low temperatures very late in the year, sometimes around Christmas or New Year’s Eve. These wines are naturally sweet but supported by gentle acidity, providing the perfect balance to each sip.

Fruit wine

The Grizzli Winery fruit wines are unexpectedly refreshing and full of flavour. Made from berries from the Fraser Valley, they are processed and fermented in the Okanagan, made with the same methods as a traditional table wine.

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