The name, Grizzli has history. Settlement in the Okanagan Valley began over 6,000 years ago with the Sylix/Okanagan people who thrived on hunting, fishing, gathering, and trading. However, the first European settlement took place in 1859 by three Oblate missionaries. In 1893, Lord Aberdeen, Canada’s Governor General, bought huge tracts of land in the valley in recognition of Okanagan’s fruit growing potential. Kelowna became a city in 1905 at a time when the population was 600. Its name comes from the story of August Gillard, an early settler who crawled from an underground shelter just as a group of Aboriginal people passed by. The local people called out, “Kim-ach-touch”, meaning Brown Bear. Over time, this became Kelowna, meaning Grizzly Bear, which was easier to pronounce. In 2016 Kelowna’s newest winery, Grizzli, celebrates history and history in the makings as we open our doors to the world.