•        2550 Boucherie Rd, West Kelowna,  BC, CANADA  TEL: 1-250-769-6789

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    2550 Boucherie Rd, West Kelowna,  BC, CANADA

    Tel 1-250-769-6789

    Monday – Friday 9:45AM to 6:15PM, excluding holidays

    O: 1-250-769-6789

Kelowna’s Westside is rapidly becoming one of BC’s most exciting wine producing an tasting destinations for quality wines. We wanted the winery’s architecture and landscape design to provide an experience that would enhance visitor’s experience and appreciation of our award winning wines through tastings and education.

It's not the medals and press coverage that makes our job such a pleasure, but the real excitement we get is from visitors, near and far, who come to be delighted, entertained and educated by our welcoming wine hosts BC, Canada’s Okanagan wine country’s geography provides incredible diversity of grapes, translating to more world-class wine varietals for you to sip and savour.  Our region is blessed with ideal conditions for producing our signature red wines, white wines, proprietor’s blends and our award-winning Canadian Icewines!

Come enjoy the fruits of our labour!   John Chang, Winemaker & Proprietor